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Python language uses

Python is interpreted object-oriented language. It is also referred to as a high- level programming
language. It is designed by Guido Van Rossum. It was initially released in the year 1991.

In this uses of python article, we shall focus on top uses of Python. It has features like high - level
built-in data structures, dynamic typing, and binding, which makes it attractive for rapid application
development. It is open-source software and easily available to use.

10  Important Uses of python

Python can be more user-friendly because of its advantages. Please find below the uses of python
language for different reasons|:


Python can be used to develop different applications like web applications, graphic user interface
based applications, software development application, scientific and numeric applications, network
programming, Games and 3D applications and other business applications. It makes an interactive
interface and easy development of applications.

Multiple Programming paradigms:

Python is also used because of its providing continuous support to several programming. As
It supports object-oriented programming and structured programming. Python has features, which
also support various concepts of functional programming language. It is used for dynamic type
system and automatic memory management. Python language features and programming
paradigms allow you for developing the small as well as large applications. It can be used complex
software applications.

Robust Standard Library:

Python has a large and robust standard library to use for developing the applications. It also makes
the developers use Python over other languages. The standard library helps in using the different
range of modules available for Python. As this module helps you in adding the functionality without
writing any more code. To get the information about various modules, documentation on python
standard library can be referred. While developing any web application, implementing web services,
performing string operations and other usages like
Interface protocol, the standard library documentation helps.

Compatible with Major platforms and Systems:

Python is mainly compatible with major platforms and systems because of which it is used mainly for
developing applications. With help of python interpreters, python code can be run on specific
platforms and tools as it supports many operating systems. As python is an interpreted high - level
programming language and it allows you to run the code on multiple platforms. The new and
modified code can be executed without recompiling and its impact can be monitored or checked. It
means it’s not required to recompile the code after every change. This feature helps in saving the
development time of the developers.

Access of Database:

Uses of Python also helps in accessing the database easily. Python helps in customizing the
interfaces of different databases like MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Serve and other databases. It
has an object database like Durus and ZODB. It is used for standard database API and freely
available for download.

Code Readability:

Python code is easy to read and maintained. It is easily reusable as well wherever it is required.
Python’s having simple syntax, which allows the different concepts to develop without writing any
additional code. The code should be of good quality and easy to maintain the source code and
simplify the maintenance, which is required to develop the software applications and clean code
helps in maintaining and updating the software applications without putting extra effort on the same

Simplify Complex Software Development:

Applications of Python is used to Simplifying the complex software development process as it is a
general-purpose programming language.It is used for developing the complex application like
scientific and numeric application, and for both desktop and web applications. Python has features
like analyzing data and visualization and present data in an effective way.

Many Open Source Frameworks and Tools:

Python is open source and easily available. This also helps in costing the software development
Significantly. There are many open source applications of python frameworks, libraries, and
development tools for developing the application without putting extra cost. Python frameworks
Simplify and make the process faster for web application development and the framework are
django, Flask, pyramid etc. Python GUI framework are available for developing the GUI based

Adopt Test Driven Development:

Python makes coding easier as well as testing with help of adopting Test Driven Development
approach. The test cases can be easily written before any code development. Whenever the code
development started, the written test cases can start testing the code simultaneously and provides
the result. These can also be used checking or testing the pre-requirements based on the source

Other applications for which python is used:

There are other applications for which python is used that are Robotics, web scraping, scripting,
artificial intelligence, data analysis, machine learning, face detection, color detection, 3D CAD
applications, video-based applications, enterprise applications, and applications for Image etc.
These are some major applications used.


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