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C++ Vs Java: The Best Ever Comparison From Experts

For programming students, they are more likely to differentiate between C++ and Java. The reason is C++ and Java has a lot of similarities. The great similarities between them are both object-oriented programming languages. But still, each of these languages is completely different then each other. It was developed for application and system development.

On the other hand, Java was initially developed for printing systems. But later, it was developed to support cloud computing. The best part of Java is. It is built on the virtual machine. That's why Java programming is very safe and portable.

Introduction To C++ Language

C++ is the only language that encapsulates the features of both high and low-level language. In the early days of C++, it was known as C with classes. C++ is the object-oriented programming language. It was developed at At&T Bell Labs by Bjarne Stroustrup in the year 1980.

You can code the C language code in an object-oriented style in C++. It was renamed C++ in the year 1983. It can compile 99% of C code without making changes in the source code. C++ is more secure than C. 

Introduction To Java Language?

Java is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Developed in 1991 by Sun Microsystems. It was developed by a small team known as the Green Team at Sun Microsystem. The first name for Java was OAK.

As I mentioned earlier, it was initially developed to handle devices and set-top boxes. The name oak did not gain popularity at the time. Thus, they decided to rename Oak to Java in 1996. After a long time, Sun Microsystems was acquired by Oracle in 2009. So Java is now an Oracle product. Start with a comparison between C++ and Java: -

C++ Vs Java


There is no strict relationship in C++. This means that you don't need to pay more attention to class name and file names. The entire class definition depends on the header file in C++.

On the other hand, there is a strict relationship between the file name and the class name in Java. If you want to use the Payroll class in Java, your source code must be in Otherwise, your program will not be translated into Java.

Root Hierarchy

There is no root hierarchy in C++. The reason is that C++ supports procedural and object-oriented programming features. There it is also known as hybrid language.

Java, on the other hand, is a programming language for objects. Thus, it supports the root hierarchy.

Input And Outputs

Uses C++ I/O terms. It is located in the IOstream.h file. These terms are cin and cout, for example CIN >> s. court</a>

Java, on the other hand, has the most complex input mechanism because it reads one byte at a time. The input mechanism is used (, but the output is very easy, such as (System.out). For example System.out.println (a);


The C++ code is not portable. If you want to play it on another device, you need to group it for each platform.

On the other hand, the Java code is portable because it translates the code into a subcode. The zip code can be accessed on any platform.

Try And Catch

It is impossible to include the try/catch function in C++ even if the function receives an exception. On the other hand, the processing of exceptions varies in Java. Java does not offer destroyers.

Run Time Error

In C++, the programmer is responsible for the runtime error. In other words, if the program stops running due to a runtime error, then the programmer needs to detect the error. On the other hand, in Java, the system is responsible for verifying the runtime error in the program. 

Conclusion ( C++ Vs Java )

A comparison between Java vs C++ is now coming to an end. We've seen that C++ and Java face a lot of similarities, like almost the same loops, conditional data, if-else phrases, layers, and objects. It seems to be the same for students as they learn these languages from scratch.

But as we discussed above, there are some differences between C++ and Java. Some important differences are indicators, memory management, scope accuracy engine, etc. But when we talk about the real-life uses of C++ and Java, there is a big difference between these programming languages.

We use C++ to program built-in devices. In other words, most of the time, C++ is used to make a one-time programming code. Such as the code in the washing machine, microwave ovens, TV, setup boxes, etc.

On the other hand, Java is not used for one-time programming. Java code is used in those applications that can be developed or upgraded according to requirements and needs.

Sorry, I forgot to explain the scope of the profession, where most students believe that C++ has become absolute. But this is not true because until we use built-in devices, C++ will never get absolute. MNC offers high packages for C++ developers.

On the other hand, I also mentioned that Java developers are also getting a job in big data technologies. Java also has a fantastic range. It will remain one of the most popular languages over the next decade.

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