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C++ Vs Python: The Best Ever Comparison Between OOPs

When we talk about general programming languages, the first two languages that accompany us are C and Python. There are many differences between C and Python. The only agreement between these two is the general language.

Let's start with a short introduction to the C. It can be said that it is the successor of the C language with object-oriented possibilities. On the other hand, Python is the most popular high-level programming language in the world. It's pretty simple to use; The most unique feature of Python is that you don't have to declare variables in Python.


It is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages. It is used to develop complex systems where encryption at the hardware level is required. But it's not portable like other high-level programming languages.

You have to compile the C-code every time you want to run it on another machine. He developed many similarities with the language, C. Bjarne Stroustrup, at the end of 1979 C. It is one of the most powerful high-level programming languages. Most programmers call it "C with classes."

C++ Vs Python

Code Length

It uses the pre-defined structure to write the code. This means that when you start coding in C++, you have to follow the structure. As a result, the code written in C++ becomes longer than Python. But wait for C's provides the features of fast prototyping.

This feature allows you to quickly encode in C++. On the other hand, Python does not have a predefined structure. Therefore, you can write simple code in Python and shorten your code.


It uses the compiler to compile the code. So you can't run the same code on other machines or operating systems. To run the same program on different computers. Then you have to compile the program on other machines to run it.

On the other hand, Python uses the interpreter to run the code. Therefore, you can run the Python program on almost any computer or operating system. But the Python must be installed on the computer.

Ease Of Learning

The C++ is quite complicated in terms of learning. It has a lot of predefined syntax and structure. On the other hand, Python is close to ordinary English. That's why it's easier to learn. It works very close to the hardware; therefore, a bad C-program can destroy the entire system. When we talk about the compilation steps, Python has the number of compilation steps that depends on the length and functions of the code.

But on the other hand, Python has no compilation stage. You can run the Python code by simply typing the name of the program with the .py extension. As a beginner, you can find the best community support for Python because Python has the largest community than any other programming language.

You can also find python documentation on official websites. If you have problems with Python, you can ask for help directly in the community. On the other hand, It does not have a well-written documentation. But he has the community to solve the problems of programmers.

Memory Management

Memory management is quite complex in C++. Assign a memory sitback to the new variables and also release the memory when it is no longer required in the code. If you don't do the same, there is also a risk of memory leakage in C++. Because C's doesn't support space recovery.

On the other hand, there is no need to assign and manage python memory. Because Python does it alone, it manages memory with the memory mapping function.


If we want to use any type of data in C++. Then we need to indicate the type of data with each use. That's why we have the right order when we declare the type of data. It also becomes less ambiguous than what the code will do with the type of data. So it's pretty easy to find and manage errors in C++.

However, if we want to write the code in Python, we don't need to indicate the type of data. As a result, the length of the code becomes shorter and easier to maintain. For example, in the C++ code, the type of data will declare as int a -10 and in Python has 10.

Conclusion (C++ Vs Python)

When we talk about the conclusion of the discussion above about C's versus Python, we get that C's is quite faster than Python. So it's the best option to create real-time applications. When we want to create real-time or on-the-go apps, C is the first choice. The majority of companies that use C-C develop their platforms.

One of the famous search engines, Google uses both C and Python to provide users with unmatched performance. Apart from that, Python has better graphics possibilities compared to C's. Today, many companies are using their online applications to attract more users.

Python provides the best framework to develop and create robust and remarkable web applications. Instagram, Google, Netflix and many other companies use this Python feature. But wait, if we want to make code at the hardware level, there is no competition between C and Python because C can code it at the hardware level.

It is the only language that is the combination of low and high level programming languages. This allows you to make full use of the hardware without performing complex encoding. As a result, C -- becomes the first choice for game console developers.

Both C and Python have a decent future. But if you want to be more than just a developer, you have to choose Python. If you don't, you can choose to become the C-developer.

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