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How to read the periodic table

In this blog, we'll tell you how to read the periodic table. The periodic table is a chemistry table in which all the elements appear.

Periodic tables contain many types of physical and chemical elements, which are assigned according to their characteristics and placed due to their atomic composition. Periodic tables contain rows and columns. In the periodic table there are rows from left to right and columns from top to bottom.

Periodic tables are one of the most important tools in the history of chemistry. It tells us about the atomic properties of each type of chemical, it also tells us about the atomic number and atomic mass and also shows the comparison between the elements. So, here are some points on how to read the periodic table.

Read top left to bottom right
Periodic tables also have a reading method, and we have to start from the top left and go down to the right. Because each element according to its characteristics is arranged and placed there.

one proton per element
At this point, we want to say that as we all know that the items in the periodic table are read from left to right. We can also see that as the element grows, its atomic number also increases. For example, the atomic number of hydrogen is 1 and the next element is helium, whose atomic number is 2. So besides the element, the atomic number also changes, and we also have to pay special attention while reading the periodic table.

Identify groups as physical or chemical
Each column in the periodic table can also be labeled as a group, and these groups are the same color in some tables. With the help of these groups, we can identify any element very well as we find it easy to tell whether the properties of the element are physical or chemical.

Why is there a difference in the table
We also said that all the elements in the table are arranged according to their atomic number, and similarly these elements are also arranged in all groups and families according to their characteristics so that we know the physical element and which chemical elements. This helps us understand which element behaves well or badly. With the help of knowing all this, we can take care of the gaps in the table.

Every row is a period.
Each row of the periodic table is called a point. The elements have the same atomic number in each period, where electrons go. The number of periods is the same as the number of orbits. If any table has two rows, you'll also have two points.

History Of Periodic Table

The Russian chemical periodic table was invented by Dmitry Ivanovich Mendelev (1834-1907). In his honor, Element 101 was named after him, Mendeleevium. The periodic table contains some of the most important elements for getting to know students. So now we'll show some items here that help how to read the periodic table.

Atomic number
The atomic number of the component tells you the number of protons in the core, and the number of electrons surrounding it. With oxygen, this tells you that each molecule contains eight positive protons at the focal point, and eight negative devices that transmit it. Each component of the intermittent table contains an atomic number that comes out of it. Regardless of the fact that it lets you check protons and electrons, it also decides the location of the component on the table.

Atomic mass
An atomic mass is a number located at the base of a component key. This figure is the natural mass of the component isotope that includes all electrons, protons and neutrons. Isotopes contain an equal number of protons, although there is an alternative number of neutrons.

Groups and periods
The ingredients are grouped in areas dependent on their artificial properties. The Roman number, or in the current tables, the Arabic number, is assigned to each item. Is the number of electrons that are a component in their outer shell, known as equivalence electrons.

Wrapping the heart of each component is a casing that can only contain a certain number of electrons. The components of the placetable are divided into lines based on the number of shells they have.

Neon in the line or the period that followed, which means that it has two domains. The main crust can carry only two electrons, while subsequent shells can carry up to eight electrons for a total of 10.

Tricks For How To Read Periodic Table Easy

Students always think it's very difficult to read the periodic table, but it's very easy to read. So we'll tell you some tricks that will tell you how to read the periodic table. You can read the entire periodic table very well and easily.

Through the story.
Through any story, we can read the periodic table. A story that resembles the elements of the table and we read it well. This method is very easy to read periodic tables

Through songs
Almost everyone loves songs, so this is the easiest way we can read our table. We can also read the table accordingly by selecting a song that resembles the table elements. Many students are almost trying this trick.

Movie title or name
We can read table items in the name of a person or movie name. We just have to choose a name that looks like the items. By doing this, it will be very easy for us to read table items.

Learn the code for each item
It's very important to recognize the symbols of all the items in the periodic table because we won't have any difficulty reading items as we know about the icons. We can read the table easily because we know the icons.


In this blog, we were told how to read periodic table and showed some easy tricks that will let you read the periodic table very well and easily.

If you still have any doubts about the periodic schedule or have any chemistry issues, you can contact our experts who will help you help Chemistry Assignment Help and Chemistry Homework Help.


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