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Detailed analysis of math sections - relationships and differences

Mathematics is everywhere, it should not be missed even for a day. Everything we do during the day has to do with math. That's why math is so important in our daily lives, and we can't even imagine a day without math. The word "mathematics" comes from the term "mathematics," which means science or knowledge. Mathematics is usually written as mathematics or mathematics. Initially, there were a limited number of sections of mathematics, but over time mathematics and its branches evolved.

Mathematics has made a significant contribution, especially in the field of technology. Thus, there are several important sections of mathematics, from primary to advanced. But many students have difficulty understanding the difference between different sections of mathematics.

Learn the various important sections of mathematics

Pure math

This is the basic section of mathematics, which basically deals with basic mathematical concepts. Normally, it is not dependent on any applications other than mathematics. Pure mathematics applies mathematical concepts in real-world situations.

Arithmetic mathematics

The next branch of mathematics is the oldest - arithmetic mathematics. This is the study of numbers from 0 to 9 and other numbers, even odd numbers, simple numbers, multipliers, NOC, etc. That's why it's considered the basis of pure mathematics.

Algebra Mathematics

This is the most favorite math section for students, as almost all students like to work on algebraic expressions. In fact, this is one of the most important areas of pure mathematics. In algebraic expressions, we use English alphabets to refer to algebraic meanings.

We use algebra to find a missing or unknown value in algebraic expressions or equations. Algebra includes not only algebraic equations, but also many others, such as other rules of operations, polynomial equations, etc.

It also has subsections, which are very well known elementary algebra. We usually use elementary algebra to represent numbers. We can apply algebra in several structures such as ring, field, etc.

It has a number of algebraic formulas for solving algebraic equations.

In algebraic terms, we have variables that are represented by English letters and values that we need to know, such as x, y, z, etc.

Sample algebra equation: 2x q 3y q 5.


The next section of mathematics is Geometry. It would be wrong to say that this is the most practical area of mathematics in the world. You can test the applicability of geometry in real life, as well as in everyday operations. It includes different shapes, sizes, shapes, their properties and importance.

You'll learn how dots, lines, angles, different types of surfaces, shapes and other solids work, etc. the best practical application of geometry that you can see is that we all use GEOMETRy in GPS to find paths. It is also used in manufacturing.


Like geometry, there is another branch called topology, and it is only an extended form of geometry. We use this branch to study the properties of shapes that cannot be changed, even if the sizes of their shapes change completely.


If you've ever studied physics, then you know how mathematics is used in physics. You can solve a lot of physical problems with the help of mathematics. The widely used concepts of mathematics in physics include derivatives, integration, differentiation, etc.


If you ask any math student about trigonometry, he will answer that it is very difficult. The word "trigonometry" consists of two Greek words: "trigon," which means "triangle," and "metron," which means "measuring." When other sections of mathematics failed to solve mathematical problems, we developed trigonometry for them.

It is a study of angles and triangles, and it establishes a link between such angles and sides of triangles.

He also studies geometry.

You will read different types of triangles such as sharp, straight, etc.


The next section of mathematics is calculus. Isac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz developed Calculus in the 17th century. It studies the instantaneous rate of calculation change. You can easily summarize small multipliers and thus find a whole number.

You must have heard about limits, functions, integrals, derivatives, integration, etc. There are two types of calculus: differential calculus and integral calculus.

You can use the concepts of mathematical analysis in science, technology and economics.


The next section of mathematics is logic, and it deals with sound reasoning using a different mathematical logic.

Number Theory

The next branch is the theory of numbers, it is used with positive whole numbers and its properties. You can also study the relationship between different numbers.


We are always afraid of mathematics and therefore do not appreciate it, although it is the most important part of our daily lives, as we use the practicality of mathematics in everyday life. The number of branches of mathematics is n, and we always get confused between them. Hopefully this article has dispelled your doubts. If you have any difficulty understanding these concepts or the differences between them, you can contact our experts at any time with your math homework help.


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